Suresh Prabhu inaugurates Aahar 2018

IMG_5589Aahar, The International Food & Hospitality Fair, New Delhi, organised by India Trade Promotion Organisation, commenced today at Pragati Maidaan. Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation of India, inaugurated the fair. He said,”Food is a very important part of Indian culture and has been a great attraction for the people who visit our country. Every state in our country has different cuisine. Over a period of time, we have started processing food and this is a great transition. India is the largest producer of milk and the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, all this food which is produced is creating a value chain, supply chain, thus adding to the real economic opportunities. This is just a beginning. I don’t think we have even touched the surface of the opportunities that lies in our country and therefore I am happy, that is exactly what has been showcased at Aahar.”
Talking further about the development, he said,”Also, under the recent policy, it will be made sure that the farmers are not just circulating their products within the country but they are being exported as well. To do that, we already have tied up with few countries, and they are really interested and has shown us huge support. We are going to provide air support to this activity. I am very happy to say that we have decided that wherever there is a possibility of agricultural produce being exported will be provided with air lifting facility. Such potential spots will be identified and based on that civil aviation will provide aerial support so that our products can further be exported in a fast matter. Within the country there is a huge potential of movement of cargo by air which is not yet fully exploited. This again is going to be a thrust area for us and we have already started working on it.”

Emphasizing on the partnership with the other countries Prabhu, said, “People in India as well as outside use Marine products as their main food. We have 13 states and Union Territories which are coastal states and therefore we have decided to work on our marine products in a significant way and to export them. I urge all the companies who are present in Aahar today to look at this opportunity very seriously and take advantage of it. I am happy to see that you all are here to participate in our amazing progress.”