Hotels on hourly basis with Frotels

Frotels introduces a one stop flexible solution for hotel booking system to help travellers to save on their hotel accommodation expenses while travelling anywhere across India. A breakthrough in the travel and tourism sector, wherein travellers can opt for easy hotel bookings on hourly basis rather than conventional way of booking the hotels and paying for the whole day.
Some of its key features are: –
●Affordability in terms of hotel bookings by saving money
●Convenient check in & checkout facility
●On the go booking for a smooth and hassle free hotel stay
●Facilities available across more than 55 cities in India
●Varied types of hotels – POD / Star Hotels / Budget Hotels / Lodge Hotels / Home Accommodation / Bed and Breakfast Setup’s etc

Furthermore, Frotels also helps guest’s to choose hotel rooms as per their requirement from the best possible options available in terms of stay period, check in time, facilities and amenities, all as per their budget.