What is the sex life of Indians in India like?

What is the sex life of Indians in India like?


Sexuality, a topic often considered taboo in India, is slowly coming out of the shadows. Despite being the land of Kama Sutra, many Indians remain quite conservative when it comes to discussing sex. This article aims to give you a comprehensive and realistic view of the sex life of Indians, based on research studies, surveys, and personal interviews. So, let's delve into the topic without any further ado.

Understanding the Cultural Influence

The Indian society is deeply rooted in traditional values and culture. It's a society where many are brought up with the idea that sex is a topic that should be discussed in hushed whispers, behind closed doors. It's not uncommon for parents to skip 'the talk' with their children, leaving them with a vague understanding of the concept. This cultural influence greatly impacts the sex life of Indians.

However, the influence of Western culture, the internet, and changing societal norms are gradually reshaping the Indian perspective on sex. The younger generation is more open to discussing and exploring their sexuality, but there's still a long way to go.

Marriage and Sex Life

Marriage plays a crucial role in the Indian society. For many, sex is only permissible within the confines of marriage. A study conducted by the International Institute for Population Sciences found that over 90% of women reported having their first sexual encounter with their husband. This reveals the deeply engrained belief that sex is primarily for procreation rather than pleasure.

Yet, a change is happening. The same study found that younger generations are more likely to engage in premarital sex than their older counterparts. This shows that the traditional norms are slowly being challenged and redefined.

The Role of Education and Awareness

Sex education is not a mandatory part of the curriculum in many Indian schools. This lack of formal education about sex and reproductive health can lead to misconceptions and risky behaviors. It's worth noting that with the advent of the internet, many young Indians are taking the initiative to educate themselves about these topics.

Increasing awareness about safe sex practices, consent, and reproductive health is crucial for a healthy sex life. Many NGOs and activist groups are working towards spreading this awareness, especially in rural areas.

Breaking the Taboos: LGBTQ+ Sex Life

Until recently, homosexuality was considered a crime in India. But the decriminalization of Section 377 in 2018 marked a significant step towards acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. The societal stigma around homosexuality, however, still remains, and it greatly impacts the sex life of LGBTQ+ Indians.

Despite the obstacles, the LGBTQ+ community is gradually making their voices heard, demanding equal rights, and striving to live their lives openly and honestly.

Impact of Modern Media and Technology

Modern media and technology play a significant role in shaping the sex life of Indians. Internet access, social media, dating apps offer new avenues for sexual exploration, and in some cases, a platform for discussing sexuality. These platforms have also helped in bringing about a change in the traditional mindset towards sex.

However, they also come with their share of problems such as online harassment and the spread of explicit content without consent. It's important that these platforms are used responsibly and that users are educated about the potential risks.


The sex life of Indians is a complex issue, deeply intertwined with societal norms, cultural beliefs, and personal values. It's a topic that's evolving with time, as younger generations challenge the norms and seek to redefine what's acceptable. The journey to a society where sex is seen as a natural, healthy part of life, rather than a taboo, is ongoing. But the seeds of change have been sown, and with each passing year, they're growing steadily.

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